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. >> the fact is they might find out who they're shooting is not president obama, but the american people. >> or the brand of the republican party. >> yeah, that's called a boom rang and the bullet hits you. chris and melissa, thanks. have a great weekend. happy new year to both of you. be sure to catch up with chris hayes saturdays and sundays at 8:00 a.m. followed by melissa harris-perry at 10:00 a.m. coming up, republican smack down. it's chris christie versus paul ryan facing off over sandy relief. and putting ideology over people. and nothing is certain except death, taxes and right-wing out rage at president obama's family vacation. we're breaking out our video tape tonight. plus, president obama's not so secret political weapon. joe biden, he's sealing deals and having a whole lot of fun on the hill. the tape everyone is talking about is coming up. >> hey, mom! >> hey. >> how are you? i'm joe biden. come on, mom. take a chance. ruin your reputation here. >> you're watching politics nation on msnbc. [ male announcer ] where do you turn for legal matters? maybe you want to incorporat
with president obama. good evening. breaking news, superstorm sandy crashing ashore new jersey. two million people without power. i watched these extraordinary scenes over new jersey today. really quite unprecedented. i've never seen anything quite like it. have you ever seen anything like this in your lifetime? >> no, i haven't. you know, you see sights like the seaside boardwalk where the program the jersey shore is filmed. the boardwalk is gone. amusement rides, roller coaster in the ocean. it's incredible. homes destroyed. it's an awful thing. >> you've taken charge, as you've always done in these situations, and in a very impressive way. people have been surprised that you've been so out spokenly supportive and praise worthy of the president. i'm not surprised, knowing you, but explain why you were happy to did so close to an election when some people will say that wasn't the best thing to do. >> this is much more important than the election, piers. this is the livelihood of the people of my state. and when the president does things that deserve praise, i will give him praise and when
by president obama before any checks can be cut. terrell, a lot of folks getting very anxious. >> i bet. >>> the opening of the new congress marked an emotional return for one senator. senator mark kirk of illinois suffered a debilitating stroke a year ago. yesterday after grueling rehabilitation, kirk returned to the capitol for the first time. kirk slowly walked up the 45 capitol steps where he was greeted by colleagues. when he saw them, he said, good to see you guys. >>> also returning to work is secretary of state hillary clinton. she was released from a new york city hospital after being treated for a blood clot in her head. the office says she'll return to the state department next week. clinton is stepping down at the start of president obama's second term. >>> former congresswoman gabby giffords will meet with members of the shooting. she'll meet privately. >>> students at sandy hook are back at school. it's been three weeks since a gunman killed 20 of their classmates and six staff members. there was almost full attendance yesterday and a large police presence. randall pinksto
his job. not everyone is happy. and a columnist suggests that president obama is a disappointment. and when police would be able to confiscate your guns. let's go "outfront." >> good evening, everyone. i'm erin burnett. the last time the first round of voting was too close was 1983. he got only six more than the bare minimum to keep his job. as for the tears they did come from none other than john bainer in -- boehner to his party members after the narrow victory. >> if you come here humbled by the opportunity to serve, if you've come here to be the determined voice of the people, if you've come here to carry the standard of leadership, demanded not by our constituents, but by the times, then you've come to the right place. >> outfront tonight, one republican who did not support john boehner today was not moved by those tears. freshman congressman, ted yoho of florida. today was your first day in congress and you came out with a strong statement. let me just play for you how your vote for speaker went down. here it is. >> you voted for majority leader eric cantor, not john boehner
out of the negotiations with obama? that's what he pledged. he wanted to pick up conservative votes as bob costa said. is that what you want him to do? >> well, that's his decision. what i want to make sure we do is if he does go into negotiations, this is critical for any negotiation, you have to be willing to walk away from the table. and then you can start moving things in a more conservative direction. and we can start controlling spending. look, we can raise the debt ceiling, not raise the debt ceiling. our credit rating will get downgraded. what we have to do if we want to do the right thing for our country is control spending that's what i ran on. that's what i'm intending to do representing the first district of oklahoma. >> all right. how about no more tax hikes in the house? that's one of the things -- >> i'm for it. >> yes, i figured you would be -- congratulations i'm a supply-sider. but you know that obama is going to come back with another massive tax hike. he -- we're going to see this before the winter is out. you know that. it's going to be 6, $700 billion and going
president obama is a disappointment. and sweeping changes to america's gun laws, proposed, when police would be able to confiscate your guns. a possibly huge move. let's go "outfront." >>> good evening, everyone. i'm erin burnett. "outfront" tonight, drama, intrigue, tears, it was almost byzantine. under fire, john boehner narrowly won a first round vote to keep his job as house speaker. it's pretty amazing, because the last time the first round of voting was too close to call was 1923. so after all the votes were meticulously counted, boehner's tally topped out at 220. that is only six more than the bare minimum he needed to keep his job. now, as for the tears, of course, they did come from none other than john boehner. in an emotional victory speech to his house members after the narrow victory. >> if you come here humbled by the opportunity to serve, if you've come here to be the determined voice of the people, if you've come here to carry the standard of leadership, demanded not by our constituents, but by the times, then you've come to the right place. >> outfront tonight, one republica
. >>> and the president has called bill o'reilly's bluff and raised his taxes. >> if barack obama begins taxing me more than 50%, which is very possible, i don't know how much longer i'm going to do this. >> tonight we bid a fond farewell to the mayor of cable news. >> i like my job, but there comes a point when taxation becomes oppressive. >> good to have you with us tonight folks. thanks for watching. the next fight over our economic future is under way. republicans are making sure the fight is dirty. president obama and congressional democrats do not have any time to celebrate the fiscal cliff deal they reached earlier this week. in about two months the country will reach its spending limit. republicans already announced their intentions to hold the debt ceiling hostage once again. >> i think there's going to be a whole new field of battle when the debt ceiling rolls around. most of us have pledged that we're going to have to, before we vote again to raise the debt ceiling, even though it may be at great political cost, we've got to address spending, and that means entitlements. >> well, there you h
over 88 hours and $50 million trying to repeal obamacare. i've got news for you. the president is obama. he is going to veto that bill. it through the senate, anyway. you are wasting the people's time and did not pass a single job creation legislation in that congress. i wonder why you're so popular and here you are back at it again. michele bachmann, welcome to the ring. the first congressional elbow from the sky on michele bachmann and boy does she richly deserve it wasting time and money doing nonsense like this. we will see you of course, as always on the and up next, viewpoint with eliot spitzer. >> eliot: good evening, i'm eliot spitzer. this is "viewpoint." the 113th congress convened today for the first time under the capital dome in washington. let's hope it does a better job at governing than the 112th. with the so-called vote on the fiscal cliff behind him and the fight under raising the debt ceiling underway, republican congressman john boehner was re-elected to a second term as speaker. house clerk karen haas gave the tally.
. en instantes imÁgenes que no se puede perder los mejores momento, de la presidencia de barack obama durante el Último aÑo. privados y pÚblicos. >>> en unos dÍas el presidente barack obama serÁ inaugurado para su segundo tÉrmino y el fotÓgrafo de la casa blanca, capturÓ los mejores momentos del 2012, en un Álbum llamado un aÑo en fotografÍas son imÁgenes que documentan las actividades pÚblico del presidente como estas y momentos privados del presidente nÚmero 44 de estados unidos. momentos de lo pÚblico a lo privado de la presidencia obama y que muestran alÍ der de la naciÓn mÁs poderosa del mundo y el ser humano que ostenta el cargo. narra cada imagen que cuenta las mejores y peores experiencias vividas por el mandatario estadounidense en la Última parte de la primera mitad de su gobierno. el 2012. a partir del domingo 20 de enero comienzan 4 aÑos mÁs para la administraciÓn del presidente obama. y la cÁmara de souza, estara para capturar cada pedazo de
obama won the election. fox's jennifer davis has more. >> reporter: a little more pomp and circumstance on capitol hill as lawmakers engage in the long standing tradition of bringing the electoral college votes into a joint session of congress to be counted. >> barack obama, the state of illinois, received for president of the united states 332 votes. but that lawmakers syrphid president obama is re-elected to a second term. >> the bill is passed. >> reporter: earlier they approved $9.7 billion in flood insurance aid for victims of superstorm sandy. >> i want to emp fa size that this legislation is vital. >> reporter: tempers continued to flair among some new york and new jersey members still seething that they let a bill die with the last congress. >> now another three or four or five. this was the most callous action i have ever seen. the leadership of the house should be condemned for it. >> reporter: some republicans reject to more government spending without cuts to offset it and some say there was too much pork in the senate bill. >> we need to get the pork out. none of that pork
no way. and, remember this? >> barack obama is the worst president in history. >> that's congressman ben quail walking off camera. now, he's walking out of the capitol. one of the many members of congress we won't see this term, but whom you will see in the side show. we begin with whether republicans are building the deficit msnbc chief economist to vice president. >>> gentlemen, allow me to read something to you that was published today. if the on going war between republicans and democrats was really over those future budget deficits, you might consider republicans and dem krats focusing on ways to hold down costs. it's not what this war is about. it's about the size of govt. tea party republicans want the government to be much smaller. jaret, i say yes, but, surely a $16 trillion debt is serious business and requires attention. >> absolutely. in fact, if you look -- i don't really do the pox on both of their discussions. if you look at it, it's accurate. if you look at the offer that the president made in mid-december, or if you look at the president's budget, he actually accomplishe
boehner has promised a vote on another $51 billion later this month. president obama was reelected today. you might have thought that that happened in november but it was today that the house and the senate held a joint session to count the electoral votes from each state. no surprise: mr. obama won with 332 electoral votes to mitt romney's 206. but the president's margin was narrow when you look at the votes cast by individual americans. the popular vote. when you add their totals together, it comes to nearly 130 million votes cast and mr. obama won by about four points. he's the first president to get more than 51% of the vote twice since dwight eisenhower. this is the last thing you want to see when you're taking a flight: the pilot being hauled away by the police. it happened today in minneapolis aboard an american eagle commuter plane bound for new york. the pilot is accused of drinking too much. michelle miller is at laguardia airport for us tonight. michelle? >> reporter: well, scott, police boarded that plane just 15 minutes before it was scheduled to take off for new york with i
, that one vote could be important. host: and facebook, it, president obama thought raising the debt ceiling was a bad idea -- facebook comment, president obama thought raising the debt ceiling was a bad idea when bush was president and said he would not vote for it, but later voted present. guest: with this a filibuster debate that is going on now in the senate between the republicans and democrats, if you go back and read the comments, they were reversed in 2005 when the democrats were filibustering george bush's traditional nominations. i think it is important to do these things on their merits. i think senator obama's vote was a mistake. if there is any truth in this town, it is that there is no dearth of blame to go around. host: how much time did you take to consider the caucus? guest: i did not make a decision during the campaign. i was asked a question almost exclusively by washington journalists. i was virtually never ask the question by people in maine. most people in maine did not care. they said, go down there and try to get something done. one guy yelled across the diner, i did
but you and i are still going to pay more. >>> president obama enjoys shaved ice. joe biden puts his foot in his mouth yet again. and the sharks are circling. and what show is not complete without a cow that looks like a horse. "early today" starts right now. this is "early today" january 4th, 2013. >>> good morning, i'm mara schiavocampo. the december jobs report will be released today and in spite of the challenges of the fiscal cliff and hurricane sandy, economists are predicting 150,000 new jobs. that will remain at 7.7% unemployment. nbc's tracie potts is in washington with more on this. >> reporter: mara, good morning. holiday hiring and shopping could also have some play into all that. we'll know in about an hour and a half what those new job numbers look like. 150, 160,000 new jobs is what we're hearing. but the jobless rate 7.7% expected to stay about the same. there are a number of things we do know that could have some impact here, adp says private job growth was about 215,000 in the last month. weekly unemployment claims up about 10,000. we also now know retail sales were up m
juramentacion a un segundo termino de barack obama..el tema de inmigracion vuelve a tomar fuerza. se aproxima el fin de semana y esperamos cielos soleados y temperatura maxima entre los 43 y 47 grados, detalles de esta informacion, despues de la pausa... y recuerde que puede mantenerse informado con noticias washington las 24 horas del dia a traves de nuestra pagina web noticiasdc. com, tambien ubiquenos en facebook y twitter bajo noticias dc la reeleccion del presidente barack obama represento para miles de personas una renovada esperanza de que su estadia en este pais se va a legalizar. antonio guillen nos habla de la llamada reforma migratoria que muchos esperan para este ano. la cifra que se maneja de personas que podrian salir de la clandestinidad de vivir sin papeles en el pais es de once millones de inmigrantes. quienes se oponen a su legalizacion senalan que son una carga para el pais, algo con lo que jovenes "dreamers" estan totalmente en desacuerdo . el presidente ya empezo a mover la maquinaria el en el congreso que permita una votacion probablemente a mediados del ano. algo que no se
. president obama is scheduled to sign it into law and then checks can be distributed. >>> sandy was the most costly disaster since cat in -- katrina in 2005. >>> justin wolf did not walk out of prison as his family had hoped. he was convicted of hiring a man to kill a drug dealer. in 2011 the case was overturned after a key witness took back his story. a judge ordered that he would be release. yesterday was supposed to be that day but at last minute a federal appeals court iervened and blocked wolf's release. >> it's really slowing it down. the court of appeals have issued a stay but asked for an expedited hearing. it should be heard sometime late january, early february. >> for now justin wolf remains behind bars and the attorney general's office indicates it will try to keep him there while prosecutors try to retry him. >>> we in the washington area are pretty confident that the redskins are going to win against the seahawks on sunday, but find out what gambling experts in vegas are saying. they may not be as optimistic. >> and find out how you can get trinkets for the upcoming inauguratio
soon for a summit with president barack obama. >> translator: through the meeting i want to show my country and also the world that the strong bond between japan and the u.s. has been restored. >> abe said japanese and u.s. officials are now working out the timing of his visit. >>> people in japan are getting back to the grind after the new year holidays, streets, trains and offices were full on friday across the country. residents in the northeast are heading into 2013 facing the work they left behind by the 2011 earthquake, tsunami and nuclear accident. people who went to the first auction the year at this market in iwaty prefecture are still seeing fewer fish than they did before the disaster. market spokespersons say the catch between april and december last year is almost 90% of what it used to be. still bidders were able to buy salmon, scallops and other fish on friday. >> translator: i'm very happy that we can hold new year's opening sales as usual. >> reconstruction minister gave his first instructions the year to senior officials from his agency. >> translator: i ask you to
backpedaled after receiving criticism from several new york lawmakers. president obama may need to find a new treasury secretary much sooner than expected. >> timothy geithner plans to leave his job after president obama is. there was speculation he would stay on the job longer with fiscal cliff negotiations only half done and another debt ceiling site on the horizon. the white house chief of staff jack lew is the front runner now to succeed him. >> secretary of state clinton is ready to get back to work after three days in a hospital. her spokesman says she will be back on the job next week. she was treated for blood clot she suffered on sunday that stemmed from a concussion and she suffered a last month when she fell. >> the house and senate will convene a joint session of congress today and to count electoral ballots from the presidential election. a federal judge in california rejected a challenge by birthers in their latest attempt to overturn the presidency of president obama. the judge rejected a request to allow a florida man to testify about alleged inconsistencies and the typeface
-on-onh president obama. >> he said two times, and president would say let's do it like reagan and tip o'neill, they both brought good faith into it but we don't think that president is, if is politics. good faith did not happen, the speaker dead it is done. that is the best way for house to work. lou: it is a also request of many members of the house, before all of this transspired. the republicans speaker boehner got their tails kicked by the president, and the result is $4 trillion will be added to the national debt. you may have sent a bilge over, but what came back was $4 trillion morrow taxpayer back. this nonsense has to stop at some point. we're going to see the debt ceiling now present itself. are we going to see an ugly repetition was a debacle in 2011 that cost investors, the market cap number, but somewhere around a tri trillion dollars, we don't need any more of that. >> no, but at the end of the day there will be more fights, this is where we are as a nation. when you are 16.5 trillion in debt we'll have fights like this, i best compare it to a marriage that husband and wif
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at the firestorm of criticism leveled against some of the front runners for high-level jobs in a second obama administration. >> former senator hagel hasn't been officially nominated to become the next secretary of defense but that hasn't stopped his critics from going to war against the possible picks. >> brown: and mark shields and david brooks analyze the week's news. >> woodruff: that's all ahead on tonight's newshour. >> major funding for the pbs newshour has been provided by: >> bnsf railway. >> support also comes from carnegie corporation of new york, a foundation created to do what andrew carnegie called "real and permanent good." celebrating 100 years of philanthropy at >> and with the ongoing support of these institutions and foundations. and friends of the newshour. and... >> this program was made possible by the corporation for public broadcasting. and by contributions to your pbs station from viewers like you. thank you. >> brown: 2012 ended with another month of steady but unspectacular job growth. that was the main takeaway from today's numbers out of the labor de
in a second obama administration. >> former senator hagel hasn't been officially nominated to become the next secretary of defense but that hasn't stopped his critics from going to war against the possible picks. >> brown: and mark shields and david brooks analyze the week's news. >> woodruff: that's all ahead on tonight's newshour. >> major funding for the pbs newshour has been provided by: >> bnsf railway. >> support also comes from carnegie corporation of new york, a foundation created to do what andrew carnegie called "real and permanent good." celebrating 100 years of philanthropy at >> and with the ongoing support of these institutions and foundations. and friends of the newshour. and... >> this program was made possible by the corporation for public broadcasting. and by contributions to your pbs station from viewers like you. thank you. >> brown: 2012 ended with another month of steady but unspectacular job growth. that was the main takeaway from today's numbers out of the labor department. the weeks of will they or won't they go over the fiscal cliff in washington had ra
a so-called war on women. it worked, so why do females make considerably less than men in the obama administration? and where are the women on the white house staff? look at that picture. we have a new all-female company at the top of the hour. they're going to weigh in on that one, it will be new at 10. nicole, what's this about lululemon losing today? >> that's right. downgraded over at credit suisse this morning. and you're seeing lululemon down about 4 1/2%. however, we should note, this is a company that has had quite a run over the last 52 weeks, up about 45%, but they are getting a downgrade over at credit suisse today. so not good news for this retailer and they have their own retail shops and they sell those great yoga pants you know that i'm a big fan and so much more. stuart: you should have seen the presents that were unwrapped in my household when i got four daughters on christmas morning. >> with their lululemon in there? >> i believe there was a couple there. >> oh, good stuff. and it has the holes for the thumbs that feel great, put them on and ready for a nice worko
he wants to go and what the obama administration says about it. plus, john boehner holds on to the speaker's gavel. >> jon: new year, new congress. >> the chair will administer the oath of office. >> the nation's lawmakers today sworn in at ceremonies on capitol hill. but serious divisions remain, including some potential cracks within the republican party. tonight. the house speaker's difficult road ahead after the fiscal cliff. and tomorrow's promised vote on aide for victims of super storm sandy. plus, the students of sandy hook elementary head back to school for the first time since last month's massacre in newtown. >> they wanted to see their teachers and they just want, like we all want, normalcy. >> jon: across the line in new york, a legal battle is brewing over a newspaper's controversial request to publish the names of gun permit holders. tonight, a county clerk stands his ground. >> that's seriously not even funny. >> dramatic winter rescue after a half dozen people fall into a frozen lake. i'm jon scott in for shepard smith. house speaker john boehner hangs on
concerned about the transparency that because. obama is worst in bushes they said was the worst ever or come out right and say obama is the worst ever. the obama administration. john: he has rejected more freedom of information act requests than bush. >> also prosecuted more whistle-blowers including as by simply because they blew the whistle on software boondoggles and someone. obama is the worst threat comes to transparency ever. we know from their behavior is their hiding things that desperately don't want us to seek. now, -- john: maybe you're a busy body, the political enemy in the dow what you'd have this stuff. i don't blame them. >> i'm paying for the microphone. i didn't ask whether they wanted me to see it. these in my records unless the burden is on them and they can provide can't. what they're doing is telling us things that aren't true, finding it increasingly according to their e-mails. john: the e-mails told us about solyndra and the people who gave money who were getting it back. >> you wanted it, needed it, they don't want us to see what's going on until a carbon tax is enac
they are interested in, that is what obama white house wants. neil: i don't see the same thing with democrats, a greater deal with wars in middle east and iraq to question every penny, and every piece of waste which is fine. the question is money is spent, and whether it goes to wrong tank at wrong time to wrong regiment is fine, but you have to be level and fair about it you have to look after abuse and waste wherever it goes. and god fe forbid in a $6 billin package how they came up with that sum for the area, is beyond me, but you have to say, where are you spinning this money, heaven fore gid you discover that is -- forbid you disconservative it is going to places and events and low qualities not even remotely affected by sandy. >> a nice civics textbook idea that news media would look into a bill and see what is it in, and tell us what is it in. and ask if it is too much, and how much is paid by private insurance, but they are not doing it again we have a very littlpoliticize news media, thee not looking at facts. you have somebody like congressman peter king who condition scare off a ca
.s. and 13 abroad. many were living with their abusers. the obama administration has unveiled new rules allowing undocumented immigrants to avoid lengthy separations from u.s. family members while applying for legal status. current u.s. policy forces immigrants who entered the country without authorization to return to their native countries for visas,r then bars them from re-entering the u.s. for as long as a decade. starting in march, family members who can demonstrate extreme hardship if separated from u.s. family members may be eligible for a waiver allowing them to re-enter the country more quickly. the new policy could potentially spare hundreds of thousands of families from being kept apart. new scientific research has shed further doubt on claims about the environmental benefits of the natural-gas drilling process known as fracking. researchers with the national oceanic and atmospheric administration and the university of colorado say methane may be escaping from gas sites at much higher rates than previously thought. data suggests as much as 9% of total methane produced may be
there u.s. domestic politics, president obama did not want to further alienate the powerful domestic public ownership lobby, gun ownership lobby prior to the election. that was a problem. we had a terrible tragedy this weekend seems to have changed opinion in the states. first of all do you think, terrible thing to say, have a positive effect on actually getting agreement from the united states? but secondly, and you mentioned other armed export countries you want on board, to what extent is it countries like russia and china actually will determine how effective a treaty is if it is finally agreed by consensus? >> to the last comment, the treaty that involves those countries that sign and ratify it will be dramatically more effective. russia is a major arms exporter as is the united states. and so we do want them in it. i think it is too early to say, really it's, analysis of u.s. domestic politics, well the u.s. politicians might find difficult at the moment to say how the terrible outrage last week may have affected this but we had reached a point in july with the inclusion of amm
knows it. and that's the memo. now for the top story tonight. reaction. also president obama's immigration gun control point of view, which is coming up. with us, bob beckel one of the co-host of the five here on fnc. let's get to al gore first. this article in the "new york times" written by a liberal guy. >> right. >> so he is not looking to harpoon gore. looks like it's true. he tried to jam the thing last week to get the lower capital gains and you say? >> i would say 20% of it and one of his partners joe hyatt who i know big conservative businessman of course any will get in more capital gains make more money. >> bill: don't you think it's hypocritical? >> did i think gore let me wait until january 2nd so i can pay more money out? no. he is still going to pay money on it. >> bill: the "new york times" reports that gore himself wanted the deal to go down in december so he could pay the lower. >> i don't know many people including me and i'm pretty far left. >> i would do the same thing but al gore two months later goes hey, we have got to pay our fair share. where is our
. the democrats, of course, are going to continue to argue for balance. president obama has said he's not going to have a debate with congress over raising the debt ceiling and making sure america can pay its bills, but as we saw the last time, that's not really up to the president. >> yeah, now, first thing's first, the house taking up the sandy aid bill today. how is this different than what they've considered before or haven't considered before? >> well, the thing is the senate already passed a bill. what the house is doing is breaking it into two pieces. after they reached that big deal to avert the fiscal cliff, postpone it, really, a lot of house republicans, especially from new york and new jersey, were angry the speaker did not put on the floor a vote for sandy aid for these relief victims. they're going to vote later this morning on a bill. about $9 billion for the national flood insurance program. that's to be able to give money to that program so it doesn't run out. fema has said that money would run out starting next week at some point. the idea is to vote on that today and then on
anunciada por el presidente obama pronto podrás tramitar ese perdón antes de tener que salir del país. o sea, si te conceden el perdón, sabrás al salir del país que ese castigo nefasta no te afectará. 2. mi nombre es cristobal y soy salvadoreño y residente permanente de los estados unidos. le estoy dando papeles a mi esposa. ella tiene una hija de 13 años. ¿cómo tengo que hacer para adoptarla para que consiga papeles la niña también? cristobal, no necesitas adoptar a tu hijastra. la ley de inmigración permite que tu pidas a tu esposa y a tu hijastra, siempre y cuando te cases con la madre de la niña antes de que ella haya cumplido 18 años. tu hija tiene 13. por eso califica. además no tienes ni siquiera que hacer una segunda petición para la niña. ella está incluida en el caso de la madre siempre y cuando le salgan los papeles antes de que ella cumpla los 21 años. felicidades. ...gracias al abogado pertierra.. vamos a una pausa..pero enseguida regresamos con la informacion deportiva...asi que no le cambie. buenas tardes a todos y bienvenidos a los deportes en otro dia donde
three weeks away now from president obama's second inauguration. you can already commemorate the occasion. some of the items on sale from the souvenir store. >>> head to head showdown between two of the top ranked rookie quarterbacks. good morning, dave. >> you are right. rg3 versus rw1. redskins versus seahawks. first playoff game in the dmv in well over a decade. we're getting fired up for some football, allison. >> yes, we are, dave. first, though, lessons learned, how these two teens ended up stranded in the middle of a semi frozen lake. >> and as we head to the break, here's a live look outside. not bad. we're going to get the latest weather and traffic from tucker and julie in a few moments. ten minutes after 7:00. we'll be right back. share everything. share brotherly love. share one up's. mom ? mom ? the share everything plan. lets your family share a pool of data across 10 devices with unlimited talk and text. now get a lucid by lg, free. >>> welcome back. 7:13. scary moments for two teenagers in arizona. emergency officials say they tried to cross what they thought
years straight. people were fed up. he represents hope and change, the things that obama stood for in our country in 2008. >> how do you respond to the critics? "time" magazine quoted about the film, human rights defenders suffer harassment, prison conditions provoking hunger rights and of course amnesty international reporting on venezuela that, you know, these are the kinds of things that they are seeing and that there's widespread, you know, corruption in the government as well. >> there is corruption, and there's corruption in every government i've been to in south america and central america. i've traveled through the whole region and been involved in many projects and i have to say that, you know, this is vague, scandalous, blurry stuff they throw out at venezuela when you compare it to what the united states has done in chile and argentina, brazil in the past and what we did recently in honduras. i mean, there's no comparison. colombia. you go around the region, and you have a -- you know, the united states has an interest in and has made venezuela it's regional enemy in
this year. president obama has promised not to negotiate with the new congress on raising the debt ceiling, but republicans are ready to use it to force major federal spending reforms and tame the national debt. right now, the u.s. owes $16 trillion, but some calculate our total liabilities much higher. and as congress jumps from small deal to small deal as they have been, analysts worry big problems are just getting bigger. >> $60 trillion is a conservative estimate of our unfunded liabilities of medicare social security, and medicaid put together. that's scary. and, the fact of the problem of $2 trillion solutions to $60 trillion problems, you see the occasion of the lack of problem and resolve of the political class here in washington. >> reporter: some also worry the down-to-the-wire theatrics of these fiscal debates in washington will overshadow other issues that need to be addressed, like education and immigration reform. issues that could be held hostage until the spending fights are over. sylvia hall, "n.b.r.," washington. >> tom: other changes could soon be in store for washington
of health and human services until now. the obama administration, as well as secretary sebelius, have long been committed to promoting community living and finding new means to help ensure that we support the seniors and people with disabilities and making sure the committee is accessible. approximately three years ago, our nation commemorating the 10th anniversary of the homestead decision. in this time, president obama launched the community living initiative on june 22, does a 9 to reaffirm the administration's commitment -- 2009 and to reaffirm the administration's commitment for americans with disabilities and ensuring the full inclusion of all people in our nation. on the very same day, secretary sebelius set up an interagency coordinating council led by assistant secretary cathy green lake, as well as the director of the office of disability, henry klebold, to look at solutions that address various community living. and to give people more control over their lives and the support they need. now talking about this new agency, we are bringing together the administration on aging, whic
finish on a strong mark. >>> there's a big job opening up at the obama administration. treasury secretary timothy geithner reportedly plans to leave his post at the end of the month, even if a deal to raise the debt ceiling hasn't been reached at that point. jeff liu is said to be his choice. interesting choice, because he's not traditionally an economist. >> he's not a ghoul goldman sachs guy? >> he's just not the usual suspect. >> what do you have for us next? >> why you need to be very careful about saving money. >>> secretary of state hillary clinton set a date to return to work after her hospitalization. that story coming up. >> and staffers start their year by counting up thousands of animals at one of the world's biggest zoos. >> and rg3 talks about facing another sensational rookie quarterback in his postseason debut. >>> and a good friday morning. a cold one, especially south of town. that's a little unusual. we even have a few upper teens. it's going to be a sunny and breezy day. it will feel like the low to mid 30s at times. the winds will maybe combust to the upper 20s. back i
. >>> reportes dicen que este mes el presidente barack obama planea presionar al congreso para reiniciar el debate migratorio, hablando ante miembros del instituto de la asamblea congresional hispana el presidente john boehner fue enfÁtico. >>> tenemos un largo camino por recorrer para sacar a once millones de indocumentados de las sombras dijo el vicepresidente pero la diferencia agregÓ es que ahora el paÍs reconoce que es tiempo, organizaciÓn como el consejo nacional de la raza prometieron seguir luchando. >>> vamos a seguir poniendo esa presiÓn que trajimos a las elecciones para enseÑar que uns voto no solo va a llegar al final en las elecciones vamos ca cambiar nuestro voto a acciÓn. >>> un grupo bi parto dis ta de senadores estarÍa trabajando en una propuesta preliminar de reforma migratoria y aunque no se sabe quÉ medidas especÍficas promoverÍa la casa blanca seria hasta el junio para el proyecto de ley en cuanto a votaciÓn. >>> telemundo. >>> y precisamente como parte de una tradiciÓn el vicepresidente john boehner escogÍa la primera magistrada hispana sonia sotomayor p
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